Why ‘Black Lives Matter’

◼︎BLACK LIVES MATTER This morning I posted the image above from Teaching for Change as my cover photo on Facebook, and within a few minutes this exchange occurred: It's a fair observation that "All lives matter." They do. You, me... all our lives matter. So why the emphasis on 'Black Lives Matter'? I'd like to … Continue reading Why ‘Black Lives Matter’

It’s Not Like They Didn’t Know

◼︎PANDEMIC I wrote here a few days ago about how the incoming Trump Administration disbanded the White House’s National Security Council Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense, slashed CDC funding — and basically dismantling its entire infrastructure and firing its in-house expertise for dealing with a global pandemic. The details and citations are in … Continue reading It’s Not Like They Didn’t Know

Fiddling While Fever Burns

◼︎PANDEMIC The Trump Administration is bungling the Coronavirus response at near-criminal magnitude while POTUS soothes his fragile ego with pathetic displays like this at the CDC on March 6: https://youtu.be/pe29xqcmryE This kind of foolish and transparent self-aggrandizement, though serious, is actually the least of the government’s failings. The threat of Coronavirus first came into focus … Continue reading Fiddling While Fever Burns

Our 5/28th Anniversary

◼︎MY PERSONAL JOURNEY◻︎DAVID & ME Today marks David's and my 5th wedding anniversary. That makes this our official anniversary in the eyes of justice — but our real anniversary was June 29th at which point we celebrated 28 years together. The law was slow to catch up. This being our Official Legal Day, however, I … Continue reading Our 5/28th Anniversary

Our Summer Vacation in Harbor Springs

◼︎MY PERSONAL JOURNEY◻︎DAVID & ME It's been three years since my husband, David Lansaw, and I took a vacation away from home. That last time might best be described as escape as we fled Cleveland during the 2016 Republican Convention. As in 2016, our destination this year was Michigan where we rented a delightful cottage … Continue reading Our Summer Vacation in Harbor Springs

Socialists Have It Right

◼︎WORKING-CLASS POLITICS◼︎GUEST AUTHOR: ◻︎DAVID ROWLANDS Introduction Today I welcome back guest author David Rowlands. We've been friends since college. (Yes, that long ago!) I write about politics here sometimes, but David's commentaries are better. Just don't tell him I said so. His first article I posted here presented a working-class perspective on politics. Five Examples … Continue reading Socialists Have It Right

Kent State Gathering Honors Dolores Noll

◼︎LGBT RIGHTS About two dozen people gathered at Kent State University's LGBTQ Student Center this past Monday, February 11th, to remember and honor Dr. Dolores Noll. Dolores was a friend, comrade, role model and inspiration to me personally — and also to the LGBT community far and wide. It was not exactly a sad event … Continue reading Kent State Gathering Honors Dolores Noll