Two-Minute Tips for Turbulent Times

◼︎MIND, BODY & SOUL I needed this! I'm overwhelmed these days with the pressures of work. I was cleaning out my personal email this afternoon and stumbled upon the latest edition of David Allen's Productive Living Newsletter. It pointed to a series of quick videos offering very helpful and grounding advice under the title Two-Minute Tips … Continue reading Two-Minute Tips for Turbulent Times

Finding Peace in Difficult Times

◼︎MIND, BODY & SOUL These are hard times. As the COVID crisis enters its third month, millions are struggling with difficult feelings arising from cabin fever, loneliness (or overcrowding!), unemployment, debt, and more. Overshadowing everything is an eerie anxiety, a persistent nagging uncertainty over our basic survival. Will I get sick? Will I die? Will … Continue reading Finding Peace in Difficult Times

Sweden’s Strategy: No Lockdown

◼︎PANDEMIC Sweden's approach to handling the Coronavirus crisis is almost 180° opposite of virtually the entire rest of the world. There are some similarities to world practices. Social distancing is recommended (but not mandated) and homes for the elderly don't allow visitors. There's also greater distancing in restaurants, but otherwise life in Sweden is pretty … Continue reading Sweden’s Strategy: No Lockdown

Music: Refuge, Solace & Inspiration 3

◼︎MIND, BODY & SOUL This is my third post in a series titled Music: Refuge, Solace & Inspiration where I've assembled some of the music people worldwide are creating and uploading while in isolation and quarantine. Among the most remarkable examples is a stunning father & daughter duo from Utah, Mat and Savanna Shaw. Savanna is … Continue reading Music: Refuge, Solace & Inspiration 3