If You Have a Chance, Go See Van Gogh

◼︎MY PERSONAL JOURNEY◻︎DAVID & ME David and I attended Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience here in Cleveland today. It is truly extraordinary! I've never experienced anything like it. Whether you're in or near Cleveland, or want to come visit our fine city, you need to see this. The Cleveland exhibit has been extended through February … Continue reading If You Have a Chance, Go See Van Gogh

Our July 4th Day Trip

◼︎MY PERSONAL JOURNEY◻︎DAVID & ME David and I have enjoyed a pleasant holiday weekend. The neighbors came over for drinks and conversation Friday evening and we got together with old friends and gay activist comrades on Sunday. It was good to gather with friends again, maskless, and even hug! We also watched The Celluloid Closet … Continue reading Our July 4th Day Trip

Sunset at Lakewood Park

◼︎MY PERSONAL JOURNEY◻︎DAVID & ME It's been a beautiful Indian Summer weekend. David and I went out to Lakewood Park on Lake Erie, west of downtown Cleveland, to enjoy the sunset. https://videopress.com/v/LfGZuHFW?preloadContent=metadata Downtown Cleveland The bird high-rise apparently doesn't have cable. David took this panorama. His are always better than mine.

Life is a Walk in the Park

◼︎MY PERSONAL JOURNEY◻︎DAVID & ME Yours truly on the left, David right. Sunny walkable days are in dwindling supply with November now arrived. Today is blustery with a first snow predicted — and realized. Yesterday was bright and beautiful, so David and I spent some time in Cleveland Metroparks' Rocky River Reservation. It was brisk … Continue reading Life is a Walk in the Park