About Just Sayin’ 3.0

About the Blog

Just Sayin’ was first launched in November 2016 as part of my website, BobLaycock.com. I wrote on an eclectic array of topics, mostly political but also personal. Eventually I moved the blog to the WordPress platform and renamed it Just Sayin’ 2.0 while continuing the same eclectic content. Most recently, I decided to redirect the blog away from a political emphasis and more towards personal and spiritual matters. I gave the blog a new name — Just Sayin’ 3.0 — along with a new design and layout.

About Me

I’m a retired municipal employee. For 28 years I was a member of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). Prior to that I worked in neighborhood-based, non-profit community development.

I came of age during the civil rights movement, Vietnam and Watergate. These and other events shaped my world view and politics. I organized opposition to the Vietnam War in my high school, later worked as an organizer with the United Farm Workers (UFW), and at college I was active in gay liberation and in socialist politics aligned with the United States Socialist Workers Party (SWP). For several years I helped produce a weekly gay radio program on WRUW-FM in Cleveland, and served as Board President for Cleveland’s Lesbian-Gay Community Service Center. My active involvement in LGBT and socialist politics has varied off and on over the years, but my interest has never waned.

My interests also extend to meditation and spirituality with a lower-case “s.” I’m a student of mindfulness and meditation — not a perfect practitioner but good enough to realize some of the benefits. I suspect I’m an aspiring, closeted the Buddhist! While I never pursued it, I recall being attracted to concepts rooted in Buddhism back in the early 70s.

And then there’s technology. My father was into gadgets and Citizens Band (CB) radio. I think I got that gene. I studied and received a commercial FCC First Class Radiotelephone Operator License with plans to work as a broadcast engineer. That didn’t happen except for a brief stint as a recording engineer at a radio station in Akron. I moved on to a hobby in amateur radio, first as KA8UHL and now under the callsign K8RCL. Ultimately I focused on computers where I constructed my website and launched this blog.

My life and interests have been quite varied, but this still doesn’t fully explain the eclectic mix of content I post here. If you’d like to understand better, you can read all about ‘What I Believe.’

Thanks for stopping by!