An Oscar Near-Miss: Short Film with a Giant Heart


I hope you enjoyed the film. It is so remarkable on so many levels!

First, this is the first film to star a deaf-blind actor. Robert Tarango who plays Artie is deaf and blind in real life. He works in the kitchen at the Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults on Long Island, New York. And just like Artie, Tarango has to negotiate a long complicated daily commute on public transit.

Second, the film is based on a real story. It happened to the filmmaker, Doug Roland, when he encountered the real-life deaf and blind Artie at 4 A.M. in the East Village.

And finally, this film conveys so many things on so many levels. I posted it initially as demonstration of true love and kindness between strangers, just humans, each with their own problems yet showing compassion for the other and helping even when it’s not convenient.

And I think it shows how a chance encounter between two strangers can be permanently life-altering. You could see that Tereek will never again be quite the same person after his time with Artie.

It’s a beautiful film and my eyes still tear with every watching.

A Documentary: ‘Connecting the Dots’

This video is a documentary about the background and making of Feeling Through. Doug Roland tells his story, and we see Roland meet the real-life Artie for the first time since they met in the middle of the night in the East Village.

This next video is a behind the scenes look at the filming on set.

This final video is a Q&A with the team that produced Feeling Through.

Title image is a screenshot from the film.

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